HubProActive - The secure cloud-based management system for ISO and Compliance Management.

Designed for the business that is busy growing. HubProActive provides a strong foundation for any business and helps you manage your day to day operations, document and record control and information sharing. It makes the ISO certification process easy and keeps you on top of compliance risks.

What is HubProActive?

HubProActive (HPA) is the Business Management System as a service. We look after the integrity and security of the infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best. HPA is designed to support the requirements of ISO standards and the strategic planning and implementation of policies, procedures, guidelines and processes used in the development and execution of all business activities. The system manages document version and access control, has proactive modules that notify you as soon as documents, records or tasks require action, tasks can be assigned to individuals or teams, thereby offering businesses the structure and control needed to provide a strong foundation and reduce risk whether the business needs ISO certification or not.

HPA is configurable to all individual business requirements, making it more cost-effective than many ‘off the shelf’ systems, which do not offer that flexibility. Businesses can control levels of access right down to an individual document and users can quickly and easily access the latest version of forms, policies and procedures, ensuring that the requirements of the business are met quickly and efficiently.

  • The ideal tool for ISO Management Systems.

  • Secure Cloud-based system, accessible from any digital device.

  • Customisable to fit your business structure and operation.

  • Intuitive, user friendly, simple to navigate.

  • Total independence, you configure and control or get help when you need it.

  • Proactive modules that notify you when action is required.

  • Scalable to any size of business.

Need management system support or are you going DIY?

We have a team of HubProActive approved consultants ready to support you every step of the way or use our HPA Help Centre with a host of DIY ‘How to’ articles and videos.

Run your Management System from anywhere

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Access documents and records

Stay on top of compliance tasks, expiring documents, be kept informed and manage issues and incidents, fire off management reports. Maintain your certification and reduce cost with remote support.

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Empower Employees

Provide employees with the management system tools they need wherever they are. Be confident employees are using the most up to date documents. Keep employees informed with documented procedures. Encourage employee engagement with user dashboards.

Need to work flexibly or remotely?

Access what you need where you need it, inside or outside the office. HPA gives access to your management systems from any digital device wherever you are working.

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here

Intuitive Dashboard

Tidy and informative, the go-to place for each user to find company information, policies, procedures and other documentation.

Document Library

No more searching through endless folders and files that become more convoluted over time.

Dashboard Notifications

Your staff will never miss another task that puts you at risk.

Reporting Tools

Give managers the information they need with report tools and critical alerts when compliance is at risk.


“It’s been really easy to maintain our ISO audit schedule by carrying out remote audits using HPA. We also carried out our external surveillance audit remotely using HPA and the auditor was impressed with the level of information he was able to view remotely during the audit. HPA has enabled us to retain our ISO certification without any issues.”

"We’ve been able to carry on working as normal despite being in different locations. Having HPA has really helped keep the business running smoothly and kept staff up-to-date throughout the lockdown."

"Having HPA meant that it was easy to get people set up working from home quickly, knowing that they would have access to everything they needed to enable them to continue doing their jobs with no interruption to their daily activities."

"HPA has been invaluable during lockdown, it has enabled our staff to easily set up at home and access all the documentation they need to carry out their roles.  Using HPA has ensured that we remain compliant with staff using the latest versions of documents and maintain continuity whilst working remotely."

"We have been able to keep people informed of updates and information relating to changes required during the lockdown with updated and new documents added as we needed to, which the staff have been able to access easily, keeping them updated of progress."

"Having HPA meant it was a lot easier to get people set up working from home quickly, knowing that they could access all the right documents they would need was one less thing to have to consider when relocating people."

Try HubProActive for 30 days for free and see the benefits

Our software team can arrange an online demo to allow you to see the benefits of HubProActive.

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