HubProActive, the Business Management System that saves you time and keeps you on top of compliance tasks.

HubProActive Core Features:


Secure and accessible, HubProActive has a responsive design and can be accessed from any digital device through your internet browser.

Totally configurable to your business structure and operation

No need to try and shoehorn your business into an ‘off the shelf’ package, HubProActive is flexible and scalable and provides a strong foundation for any growing business. It enables you to configure the system to meet your business needs whether you are a single premise business or a multi- site, international. HubProActive will grow with you.

Make it easy for users to find and use the right documents

A major issue with new systems is getting your people to buy in to change. HubProActive is engaging and intuitive. Knowing where to easily find documents, procedures and other information that supports their daily tasks makes employee work lives so much easier. In fact, once logged in, it’s just two easy clicks to the search function where they can find any document their access level permits and view or download what they need. Time-saving too.

You can read, download, or export documentation to word, pdf or csv. Create bespoke reports, export to csv, interrogate and analyse the data and provide management with important performance data.

You have the flexibility of controlling system users and levels of access in your system

Your internal system administrator manages access to your system, can add and remove users, reassign user seats and set access rights. You have complete control over your HubProActive system.

The system delivers flexibility and total control to change things around as you need to, whenever you need to. Your system administrator can control access at the module level, right down to a single document level and can adjust it whenever required. Custom fields can be added to capture business-relevant data to meet your specific business requirements and terminology.

Tells you when documents or records are expiring

Keep up to date with compliance tasks e.g. equipment maintenance, supply chain monitoring, risk assessments. HubProActive eliminates the need to manage large spreadsheets of information. Once the record is created or the document uploaded and an expiry date set, your dashboard will display any document or record due to expire within the next 30 days. Once logged in you will immediately see from your Dashboard which documents or records need attention, whether it is due maintenance of equipment and vehicles, refresher training, expiring supplier compliance documents, or company policy reviews.

Makes document version control simple

Maintaining version control and the integrity and availability of your documents and records is easy with HubProActive. This is a key requirement of any ISO Management System Standard and ensures your teams are always using the correct document version.

Internal Communication / External Links

Use the Bulletin Board on your user’s dashboard to communicate company announcements, system updates and other notifications especially where they are working remotely. This can be as simple as listing the fire wardens and first aiders, perhaps a notification of an up-issued document or a full Company statement, all date and time-stamped.

The dashboard can also display external links to other software programmes the business may use for example the CRM or your company social media sites.

Legal Register

If you are a director or senior manager of a business what do you do to ensure you are aware of updates and the requirements of legislation applicable to your business? The Legal Register enables you to have a proactive approach to documenting legislation and what you do to comply. A great communication tool and a popular benefit of HubProActive with the senior management team.

Need management system support or are you going DIY?

We have a team of HubProActive approved consultants ready to support you. Have a look at our HPA Approved Partners page or email us on info@hubproactive.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions :


“It’s been really easy to maintain our ISO audit schedule by carrying out remote audits using HPA. We also carried out our external surveillance audit remotely using HPA and the auditor was impressed with the level of information he was able to view remotely during the audit. HPA has enabled us to retain our ISO certification without any issues.”

"We’ve been able to carry on working as normal despite being in different locations. Having HPA has really helped keep the business running smoothly and kept staff up-to-date throughout the lockdown."

"Having HPA meant that it was easy to get people set up working from home quickly, knowing that they would have access to everything they needed to enable them to continue doing their jobs with no interruption to their daily activities."

"HPA has been invaluable during lockdown, it has enabled our staff to easily set up at home and access all the documentation they need to carry out their roles.  Using HPA has ensured that we remain compliant with staff using the latest versions of documents and maintain continuity whilst working remotely."

"We have been able to keep people informed of updates and information relating to changes required during the lockdown with updated and new documents added as we needed to, which the staff have been able to access easily, keeping them updated of progress."

"Having HPA meant it was a lot easier to get people set up working from home quickly, knowing that they could access all the right documents they would need was one less thing to have to consider when relocating people."

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